Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And This is Why I Love my Husband....

I'm not much of a Valentine's Day fan. Probably because I've never really had a fantastic experience with it. Never anything horrible, like walking in on a boyfriend making whoopie with a random chick, but just never anything spectacular that has really proven to me that Valentine's Day is worth celebrating. It's always been the obligatory red roses, some stupid teddy bear or dinner at some shitty restaurant because he didn't think ahead to make reservations at a great restaurant. Eh, it's just not my thing. I'd rather be surprised with flowers on a random day with a sweet note, it makes more sense. Plus, unfortunately for me Chris was never trained well enough by former girlfriends to MAKE it mean anything. Stupid bimbos. ;-)

Anyway, so even though EVERY year I remind Chris of my feelings on the day, I still get the red roses and the indifferent "I had to do it" shrug. THIS year would be different. THIS YEAR I would hammer it into his head. Either make it meaningful or don't bother. I was bound and determined to make him put some effort into it. Surprise me the day before with really good chocolates and my favorite flowers! Have a fantastic dinner made when I get home (or after Will goes to bed) with a really great bottle or two of wine. Hell, even buy me a plant that I can put in our garden, it'll last longer! THAT'S what it should be about, put just a little though and effort into it and damnit if he can't do that then screw it! I don't want anything! (If you can't tell, that's the spoiled only girl syndrome.) Dad always bought me a gardenia plant (one of my favorite flowers) or wrote a really nice card about how I'm his favorite daughter. You know, out of the one that he has. The point is, make it mean something!

I was very proud of myself this year. Damnit, since he didn't come already trained then I'm going to start training him myself. I was adamant, don't send me the stupid flowers. What I forgot to mention to him was my rant about wanting it to mean something. So, now I'm left with the whole "just don't do it" thing. Crap. So the day rolls around and he starts talking about how his coworkers were giving him hell about not sending me anything. I feel stupid. Now he thinks that I just don't want anything. Ugh, I hate when I forget the other half of my point. I mentally jot this down for next year while I try to play the cool wife and say "Honey, I'm the one that told you not to send me the cliche' red roses while you ignore me for the rest of the night. Don't get me wrong, Valentine's Day is great and all, but only when you put in the effort", halfheartedly trying to explain it.

Ugh. Now I've just screwed myself out of any hope of ever getting anything.

So fast forward a few days later, and I find out that our company has President's Day, off so I immediately tell him that he should take the day off so that we can have a "date day". A WHOLE day to ourselves, that'll fix it! What should we do? A movie? He nixes the idea altogether. Damnit, I really want to see Juno still. "I know!" he says, "Let's cook! All day! We'll go grocery shopping and make our meals for the week!" Damnit. He's missing the point and now I wish that he would just go to work. Ugh.

BUT all is not lost. We decide to go to the Outlet Malls in San Marcos because believe it or not, he's lived here for 13 years and has never gone. Seriously. After I played up the Pottery Barn outlet a whole lot, I convinced him that it's a must do. And you know, while we're there, we may as well get more of the footie pajamas for Will at the Carter's and Gymboree outlets. And, I need to get a couple of shirts at Banana. Maybe a little Kate Spade action? And I need new sunglasses.. and on it goes. After a while, we decided to break for lunch and margaritas and I manage to convince him that I really do like Valentine's Day and my feelings are hurt that he didn't think enough of me to do anything.

All in all? My Valentine's Day present was a pair of sunglasses, 2 pairs of shoes, cute sconces from PB, a couple of shirts from Banana and a very apologetic husband. Not bad for a quick trip. We got a bunch of crap for Will too, but the most interest that he's shown in his new pajamas was when he peed in them this morning. Eh. Thanks, Will.

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