Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Birthday Rocked!

I know it's a little late (yeah, like 3 weeks ago) but my birthday was a blast this year! Many of you know how clumsy and awkward I am (mostly clumsy) so you know how I ran into a pole with a brown stain on the butt of my dress last year and then won that stuff for making an ass out of myself on the radio afterwards. Because I'm stupid and clumsy. Well, you know that stupidity and clumsiness apparently pay off. One of the prizes that I won was a stretch limo for 6 hours. We're way too old to ride around in a limo for 6 hours, hanging out the sunroof so instead we did a wine tour of Texas... nothing like starting the booze cruise at 10am! Jackie, Todd, Chris, Alma and I rode out to Fredericksburg and picked up Nina and Kevin, who were visiting from the valley for their 2nd wedding anniversary. (Or 1st? Not sure BECAUSE I WASN'T INVITED. It's okay, we lost touch, I just wanted to rub it in.) Anyway, so we packed up the vodka, OJ and champagne and made a mini road trip out of it. Sooooo... after 3 wineries and 6 hours we were all sufficiently drunk enough to start my birthday day off with a bang! Not that I need to get drunk to have a good time, anyone that knows me knows that I'm always willing to make an ass out of myself for a few laughs.

So later that night we went to Berry Hill for dinner and drinks. Mmmm... they have awesome margaritas and tacos.. I felt kind of bad because I didn't really get to talk to everyone, I feel like it went by so fast. After dinner some of us headed out downtown to meet Eric and his crew. Man oh man, I always have a blast with those guys! We did shot after shot after shot.. I didn't even drink the entire big beer that I had ordered. Tacho was there with some chick with crazy hair and a scary animal print dress of some sort. A friend of theirs apparently has some history with Tacho so we talked shit about his date all night. That was fun. Sometimes I love talking shit about people I don't know... ahh, good times. Apparently at some point in the night I decided that Chris wasn't having a good time (He didn't feel so well after having been drinking all day) so I think that I did some Supastar thing, like the 90's SNL Molly Shannon character. Don't know why... oh yeah, because I'd had 64 shots.

Anyway, long of the short of it, I had an awesome birthday! Thank you to everyone that made it so much fun!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Balloon Butt

So, being the procrastinator that I've never denied being, I am finally dieting and exercising. You might try to humor me and say "Why Katie, you look great, you don't need to do a thing" (Doesn't matter what you actually say, I'm going to hear that by the way) But who are we kidding? In the past 2 1/2 years that Chris and I have been dating, I've gained about 17 lbs. To many, that's not much. To a 5'2" elf, that's an ass and a half. I've been talking about losing weight for about 2 years now, but haven't done. Instead, I've gone out for many happy hours, eaten many cheeseburgers and indulged in many wing and beer nights. And by exercising, I sit on the couch and think about running. Or I'll watch 8 minute abs. Just watch it. And laugh, I might add. Guys in striped leotards are funny.

Getting back to the subject at hand... So, 2 weeks ago, at my final dress fitting for the wedding dress that I will not be wearing (that's for another story, to come shortly) a very embarassing thing happened. The russian woman that was helping me into my dress couldn't button the back. I was wearing one of those girdle bras, sucking in, and pushing my waist in. All at once. And it barely closed. Man, oh man... then when it was on and strapped up, I realized how much I needed to get serious. So, for the past two weeks I've been lean cuisine-ing it, and for the first time in my life... I joined a gym. I joined Gold's Gym last week.

Anyway, my point is that I've lost about 7 lbs so far and I'm on my way. Whoopee!