Monday, February 01, 2010

More Poop Stories...

I don't know why all of my posts seem to revolve around Will and his poop, but I guess it's kind of the only amusing things that happen around here nowadays! We're all done with potty training now and I am so so so happy! Will actually really gets a kick out of seeing his poop in the potty, he thinks that it's pretty cool. He's such a little man, he is all about his body functions!

Here are a couple of recent funnies:

Last week he had a tummy bug and had diarrhea for about a week. He calls it "fast poops" because it comes out really fast. Also, it's easier to pronounce than diarrhea, I guess. Poor guy just could not stop crapping, it came out like a faucet! So at one point, he was on the pot and this big gush of poop and farts came out. Me, in all my classiness, said "Oh gross, that was a huge shart!" (Not realizing that at some point I'd have to explain "shart" to him) He looked at me with the widest eyes and said "There's a shark in the potty? The shark is going to bite my butt? Shark is going to eat my fast poops?" It took the rest of the night to convince him there was no shark in the potty. Sigh.

So, now he's over the bug or whatever it was, and is back to having "normal poops", which are much easier for him to enjoy.

Last night after bathtime he decided that it was time to poop. He sits down, grunts a little bit and this GIGANTIC turd comes out. He looks at it, laughs and says in an incredulous voice "WOW, that's a big poop, Mama! LOOK!" Then Will gets a really sad face on and says pitifully "He is all alone! He has no friends! He goes 'I have no friends! I have no friends!' It's okay, I make you friends." GRUNT.

The funniest part was him acting out the turd saying "I have no friends! I have no friends!" and then reassuring the turd. Such a sweet boy, never wants to hurt anyone's feelings.