Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training...

We're right in the middle of potty training Will. We've got the peepee down but I can't get him to poop in the potty to save my life. Right now I'm feeding him prunes like they're going out of style, hoping that he'll accidentally push it out while he's peeing. So far it hasn't worked so I'm taking that to mean that he needs to eat more prunes.

Last week I heard Will in the bathroom and he told me that he pooped in his underwear. Since I was feeding Ellie I told him to clean it up by himself. (Also hoping that it would deter him from pooping in his undies in the future) Then I hear him say "OH NO! Poop fall on floor, need help Mommy!" I go into the bathroom and see this baseball sized lump of poo on the floor. That's gross.

I leave for 5 SECONDS to put Ellie down and I hear "MOMMY! JENNY EAT POOP! JENNY EAT POOP! GROSS JENNY! BAAAAAD DOG!" I thought to myself " Surely she's not actually eating his poop because that would be disgusting. She's probably just sniffing at it and he's confused..."

No, she scarfed that shit up so fast that she was already on her after dinner drink by the time I got there.

So gross!