Wednesday, January 30, 2008

100 Things, Cont'd...

10. One of my favorite foods in the world are saltine crackers. I love them. When I was pregnant, I would go through a sleeve a day. Actually, I'm eating some as I'm typing this!

11. I am a super badass at Cryptoquips. Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher where one letter stands for another. Like if A equals T, then A will equal T throughout the puzzle. I love them! For Christmas last year, my little brother found 4 cryptoquip books and I basically holed myself up for months finishing them! I need more...

12. I am really non-confrontational. I have absolutely no backbone. (Except for glorious today. That's a story for another day when I am not at my job anymore. Or over a few drinks)

13. Nothing irks me more than when people cannot spell! I totally understand a typo here and there, but for adults to not know the difference between "to", "too" and "two" and there/their is ridiculous.

14. I can't stand spit or spit sounds. It's all I can do from going batshit freakout mode when Will gives me kisses. He grabs my face, opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and licks my face for a few seconds. It's very odd. I feel so bad about it but there's just so much saliva! Don't even get me started on when Jenny "tends" to her lady parts.

15. Will peed on me tonight. I was holding him, about to put him in the bathtub and he peed all over me. Then he cried because I startled him. Oops.

16. You know how most couples have their "list"? Like, the list of celebrities (or celebrity) that you can have no strings attached sex with but it doesn't matter because it'll never happen? Mine is Ed Harris. Don't ask me why. Chris is lame and unoriginal, his is Britney Spears but he has not clarified whether he means Crazy Britney or Britney circa 2000. That's a little scary.

17. My husband has a little man-crush on Matt Damon. It's just another thing that we have in common.

This is tough...


Melek said...

a man crush on matt damon? oh man, i'm totally bring that up next time i see him. and that's cheating...this is supposed to be 100 things about you, not about your hubby! cheater.

i'm totally with you on #13. i try to let it slide, but i ALWAYS see it and give that person a little demerit in my mind.

i dont like anyone (babies, my mom, an old dying aunt) kissing me on the mouth unless i'm dating him. that's just gross.

ed harris is hot.

Femme au Foyer said...

You are also a super bad-ass at Connect Four. In fact, I think you're the only person who ever beat me consistently. I had to stop playing and hang up the crown after that.

Oh, and I'm with you on the spelling thing even though I spell things wrong all the time myself. Also, the keyboard on my new laptop doesn't always register what I type (a known problem with this model of laptop) and I wind up looking like an idiot.

For instance, just now I typed "looking" and it came out "looing". Frustrating!

But back to the spelling: I will boycott a store or restaurant if they spell their name incorrectly on purpose. Like Kwik Mart. I also boycott restaurants with any form of "pig" in the name.

Femme au Foyer said...

Dear Duncan Diary,

I sure wish your owner would write some more of her hilarious entries.

Yours Truly,