Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Baby Dilemma

You know when you start dating someone, and everyone asks "So, when is he going to pop the question?" Then, the second that you say "I do" people start asking "When are you having babies?". You have a baby, and almost immediately the next, most dreaded question comes... "When are you having another baby?" The first time I heard that last question was a week or two after Will was born, and I don't think that I've ever felt a stronger urge to reach out and strangle someone in my life.

When we first had Will, it was all about just trying to keep our lives together on 4 hours of sleep (on a good day), trying to figure out if the baby is hungry, gassy, tired, poopy or just plain pissed off about having been yanked out of his cozy womb. For the first 5 weeks I couldn't sleep in bed with my husband because every time I would try to get up or lay down, that fun new four inch scar on my abdomen felt like it was going to rip open.

At the time I kept thinking "There seems to be no end in sight and you want me to tell you when we're going to do it again? Fat chance!"

In case you didn't know, nature plays this cruel trick on you and has a way of making you forget about all of those sleepless nights, the times that you were simultaneously covered in runny, yellow super poop and milk spit up, then being peed on, and somehow makes you only remember the times when the precious baby snuggled up on your chest and just slept, or cooed. You only remember the first (very rewarding) smile, but you temporarily forget about all the trouble you had trying to get them to stop shrieking.

Well, Chris and I have always known that we want more than one kid. He is an only child and doesn't want Will to be an only child. I'm cool with this, but how do you know that you're ready to have another one? We are so content with having just Will right now, I just can't imagine going through this again but at the same time I sort of want to... ARGH, why are they so darn cute?

We keep talking about maybe trying late this summer. Or maybe next summer. I'm shallow, so I want a spring baby because they have cuter clothing options. Also, I would go through the worst of the pregnancy in mild weather instead of having to endure another sweaty, asscrack hot summer without a margarita to sip on.

That, and I will be in a friend's wedding in April and have already bought my super cute bridesmaid dress so I'll be starving myself skinny for the next 2 months. (Speaking of, do any of my GMAT studying housewife friends want to run with me on my lunch break around Town Lake? Hmmm?)

Anyway, I'm torn.

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Femme au Foyer said...

YOU BET I DO! I was in Palm Springs when you posted this--want to run on Thursday or Friday?

Oh, and I'm shallow too. I've been fantasizing about going to a fertility clinic and asking for twins so that I could get it all over with at once.