Thursday, January 24, 2008

100 Things About Me....

Since I'm exhausted all the time now, I am totally lacking in the originality department. I have decided copy Mel and jot down 100 things about me. What I really want to do is to complain about work, but I'll spare you for many many reasons.

1. My favorite smells in the world are fresh chopped parsley and garlic cooking in olive oil. It brings back memories of helping my Dad and Grandma make meatballs. I make up excuses to cook with these ingredients, and Chris is none the wiser. Mostly because it saves him from having to cook.

2. I would give my left foot to move back to New Orleans. Why? The roads suck ass, the people aren't nearly as nice as Texans, it can be scary as shit, dumbasses crowd the Quarter covered in beads even when it's not Mardi Gras (one of many pet peeves) but if you ask anyone from the city, they'd all tell you that there's absolutely nothing like it. The food, the people, the oak trees, the houses... it's all home. Plus, I leaving a bar at 3am and pouring my beer into a to go cup to take with me. I almost cried last time we went to the Quarter and I heard some kid tell an unsuspecting tourist "Betcha I can tell you where you got dem shoes!"

3. There are 5 foods that I don't like. Mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, ranch dressing, cokes and mayonnaise. Bacon used to be on the list, but being pregnant turned me into a bacon lover but only when it's by itself. I don't like when bacon is mixed with anything, like in a salad, sandwich, taco, etc.. Don't like.

4. I love that I can still look at Chris and think "Wow, I love that guy."

5. I could hold Will forever if he'd let me. Now that he's a big boy it's a rare moment, but I love it when he cuddles with me and just rests his big pumpkin head on my shoulder. It's the sweetest feeling in the world.

6. I love grocery shopping with a cup of coffee and no purpose. I could roam around a grocery store forever just looking around at all of these random ingredients that I never even knew existed. (Especially in the downtown Whole Foods!)

7. I like to bake, but don't have the time for it right now. I have tons of baking, cake decorating and chocolate books just sitting around, collecting dust. I used to be really into it, and would love to pick it up again. And I make a mean lemon curd.

8. I suck ass at decorating. It's horrible. I'm married to a guy who is the same way, so we live in a house full of blank, white walls that are just screaming for attention. He's given me free reign for the guest bedroom and I either come up with blanks or have to completely copy some random Pottery Barn room. Same with poor Will's nursery. It's still half done because I have no idea what to put on the walls.

9. I have a love/hate relationship with the Food Network. I love watching these cooks and chefs make fantastic meals, learning new techniques, etc.. but every single time I see one of them take a bite I want to bury my head under a pillow and scream. I hate the sound of people chewing, but more so when Paula Deen takes a bite. She always talks with her mouth full of butter, and there is always a little bit of food that threatens to come out and stick to the camera. And the day that that happens? I'm gonna have to go all jihad on her fried food eating ass.

Just saying...


Melek said...

you don't like coke OR mushrooms? well, i guess we can never go to HomeSlice together again, bc that's pretty much what i order! :)

glad you're starting a list. all i know about you is that you're a GREAT story teller, wear shoes too small for me, and make a mean macaroni and cheese bite.

Femme au Foyer said...

LOVE the list, Girl, and I'm with you on the whole decorating thing. Why do you think I haven't changed a thing about my TGD's house? He had it all decorated when I moved in and it looks fine to me!

Also, for some reason he won't let me paint...

Katie said...

Lucky duck, I wish that our house would have come ready decorated! But you know, I did really like that charcoal color that you tried out in your old bathroom!

When it comes to HomeSlice, Mel, I'm happy with that Prosecco and Izze drink and a pepperoni pizza! YUM, I love HomeSlice! We should plan another get together there soon!