Friday, May 16, 2008

Being a Woman of Leisure... Cont'd...

Ok, sorry about that! Tornadoes freak me out and hearing Chris (the guy with tornado experience) say "Get off the computer and get your shoes on. The storm will be here in 4 minutes." kind of freaked me out. It ended up passing just north of us, so we only got a little of it. Even the little that we got was pretty scary, so I can only imagine how people in the middle of the storm fared.

Anyway! Back to the awfulness that is WalMart. I hate that store but decided to brave it for some Pudding Pops and carpet cleaner. I ended up getting a couple of other things while I was there, but spent FOREVER on the carpet cleaners. Which one should I get? Spray? Powder? Foam? Finally decided on some Resolve powder stuff that came with a wide brush. Looked easy enough.

I get to the check out aisle, unload my few purchases (I made sure to grab the Pudding Pops last so that they didn't melt). The surly checker guy (very Walmart, very unhappy) scanned everything, in the middle was the carpet cleaner. He scanned it four times, each time it said "Item not found". So instead of calling for help or trying to figure it out, he simple set the carpet cleaner on a shelf behind him and said "Must be a new item. You probably didn't even get it from the right aisle. Sorry." Huh? Not wanting to start a huge argument and possibly be shot, I just said "No, it was in the aisle with all the other carpet cleaners. So, are you telling me that I cannot buy this?" "No. You can't buy it." he replied with his perfected 'Don't give a shit' attitude. "Can you just ring up an open item for $4.97? Or just give it to me? This cleaner is half the reason that I came here." "No. I can't. Sorry."

Beautiful. At this point there were 4 people lined up behind me so running to grab another cleaner felt like it wasn't really an option. Again, trying to avoid getting shot.

I left the store happy that I finally had the Pudding Pops that I craved throughout my entire pregnancy but could never find, but dumbfounded as to what had just happened. I can understand a new item not being in their system, but I think that at any other store they wouldn't have just said "Sorry, can't have it." and offer absolutely no alternative solution. So annoying. I was reminded as to why I never step foot in that store.

On a bright note, the pudding pops were delicious! I think that they would've tasted better had I been pregnant but they had the icy coating that I craved. So now I know where to get them next time I'm pregnant, but for now I think that I'll go back to my other favorite popsicles.

Anyway, so we're going to Pampa this weekend to visit Chris' family. It should be a fun time, but I am definitely not looking forward to the 8 hour drive! Flying isn't really an option since we have so much crap to take with us (you know, the Pack & Play, highchair, Will... the usual stuff) but today I'll go to Target for more Elmo DVDs to help distract him for a few hours. Hopefully we won't have any tornado scares while we're there. Last May we were in with 5 month old Will and we stayed up all night watching the Weather Channel. There were a few tornadoes that ended up passing through about a mile or two south of town. Talk about scary!

Ok, now I have carpet to clean, laundry to fold, suitcases to pack and toes to be pedicured! Have a great weekend!


Femme au Foyer said...

That's unbelievable! I knew I hated Walmart, but I have never had an experience quite like that. The worst part is that Surly Checkout Guy obviously had no fear of getting in trouble for his actions which means that the management must have the same attitude. I will never, ever go to that store again.

Kelly said...

My blood pressure shot up when I read this. Usually in this situation they would at least attempt to get a price and I would say.. "oh, don't worry about it" out loud while saying "sonofabitch.. you have to f*(&#$g be kidding me" on the inside. In that case, it would have been my own fault. But this is altogether different.. so over the top unacceptable, except you have no choice but to accept it (or get shot). BS!

Melek said...

i can't believe he was just like "nope, can't buy it"...that's insane. i would have made a fuss just to piss him off (in retrubution for pissing ME off). oh yeah, made him call his manager and all that. and then, i would have called wal-mart corporate and spoken to sam walton's grandson and given HIM a piece of my mind...
ok, so i would have done all that in my head...but it would have been fierce!!

as for the tornadoes, the whole time i was watching it, i kept thinking, man, i hope Ash and Katie know this is coming. i hope they're huddled in the bathtub! glad nothing happened.

Charlie said...

nuh-uh. I wouldn't have let the stupid wal-mart guy do that to me. You should have calmly opened a pudding pop, eaten some of the crunchy outside, and then told him that he'd ring your goddam carpet cleaner up one way or another or you'd mop the floor with his ass.

I live for putting rude people in their place.