Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Expanding my Vocabulary, One Naughty Word at a Time!

I had posted this on my MySpace blog a while back, but thought that it was funny enough to post here:

Everyday I leave at 5pm on the dot to try to beat some of the downtown traffic, and just about everyday I see this same old guy on a motorcycle. Long, braided ponytail, a suit and he drives like an asshole, really hard to miss.

Today he caught my eye because he was wearing a fun leather get-up because 60 degrees is considered freezing cold here. I noticed that he had a nice shiny, new helmet. It was black, and on the back it read "Vegetarian". I started thinking to myself "What a fucking freak, he's really proud of his vegetables. Loser." Then I got a better look. It actually read "Vaginatarian". I just about pissed my pants! Ohhhhh.. not vegetables! Vagina! Of course! How classy... fo sho.


Melek said...

hahahah...awesome. 100% class.

Kelly said...

That's awesome.. I had to share it with my husband. I IM'd it to him and told him that I think I'll get a shirt that says - penisarous. He said that that would make me a liar; instead it should read penislergic.

How did you get this photo?!?!

Katie said...

I just googled "vaginatarian". Apparently, there is just a slew of these crazy people out there. And they sell shirts and bumperstickers, too!

Femme au Foyer said...

That is soooo classy! Husband wants ones!