Friday, March 28, 2008


Have you ever disliked someone that you work with so much that every time you see them you want to throw a stapler at their head? Or something equally as heavy? Like a monitor. Or a PC.... nah, couldn't get a whole lot of air throwing a PC.


renitap said...

haha, Allison hates someone at work so much that she wants to throw needle syringes at her (because Allison makes IV's all day) Which I think is funny, but hey at least they are sterile. :)

M2K2 said...

YES, multiple people on multiple occasions.

Melek said...

oh yeah....not currently (as my only office mate is Zeke), but when i had a REAL job, there was one guy i wanted to yank the beard of of... man, that would have felt good! OH! and a vegan PETA fanatic. not that i have anything against vegans (or Peta, i guess) but she made us all feel like jerks for eating meat. and she wouldn't put her food in our refrigerator. guess she didnt want to contaminate it by being adjacent to a zip lock with bologna in it. couldn't stand her.