Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun Updates!

Well, it's been an interesting couple of weeks here at the Duncan house. Not really interesting, just a little busy. Will had tubes put in his ears last Wednesday, and so far it seems as though his ears are finally back to normal! Just as we got really good at holding him down to put the eardrops in his ears? It's all over. I'm supposed to see some dramatic change in his behavior, but he's generally a happy kid so he's pretty much the same. Minus the occasional tantrums because I won't let him OD on Flintstone vitamins.

Speaking of tantrums, the little shit threw the mother of all tantrums yesterday morning. He's really not a morning person, so when I went into his room at about 7am to wake him up, he really wasn't happy. It's all the routine, so I pick him up, give him his cup of milk and lay him down to change his diaper. He immediately starts screaming out for DADA! DADA! (He's been super obsessed with Chris lately.) Chris had already left for work, so there's the first thing that pissed him off. THEN he still has to have his diaper changed. Pissed. Then he won't let me get him dressed for daycare. Then I won't let him go downstairs to play until he and I are both dressed. What does all of that equal? Furious baby.

I turn Sesame Street on and go about my morning, ignoring the screaming, writhing child who claims to be mine. 10 minutes later I'm ready and I hold him down to get him dressed. and FINALLY I'm ready to go downstairs. At this point? He doesn't care anymore, he just wants to be difficult. I drag him downstairs and try to get some breakfast in him. He eats a few cheerios but is mainly just in a really bad mood. Finally, I've had enough. I bend down so that I'm eye level with him and say "Will, you are being ridiculous. If I were a stay at home mom, today would be the day that I would drop you off at daycare." What does the little shit do? Says "EH" and throws his milk at me. Nice. Sometimes I am happy to have a job.

This morning was much easier. Chris and I both woke him up, and the whole morning he was this incredible dream child. We fed each other cheerios and shared yogurt, then picked flowers and played with Jenny. (Before the bitch ate another pair of his nail clippers. Stupid dog! She chewed all of the plastic from around the metal clippers. How annoying!)

I have to get a video of this, but Will has been doing something really cute recently and we finally figured out today where he got it from. For the past week, he'd walk over to one of us, bend down at his knees, then jump up and throw his hands up like he's trying to touch the ceiling. Then he'd start laughing and do it again. And again. And again. Finally realized today, that at daycare the snacks are stored on shelves that are *just* out of reach for most of the girls, so they have to jump up to grab them. It really is hilarious, I'll try to get it on video soon!


Femme au Foyer said...

I ate a whole bunch of Flintstone vitamins when I was little. They were delicious BUT they turned my pee flourescent.

Get the jumping on video. I bet it's really cute!

M2K2 said...

When you figure out what to do with the tantrums, let me know! We made it relatively unscathed through the terrible two's, but things seem to be achanging as we reach the three's.