Friday, October 14, 2005

Something Stupid Said to me Today

I was sitting at my desk today minding my own business (For once) and the phone rang. A customer was telling me that a company that she used to have an account with was still billing her the $5 monthly charge for her account. I know that we closed this account for her 7 months ago, and she's not using them anymore, she's using who we use now, which is ABC Company. She said that every month she sends the old company an email telling them that her account is closed, please refund her this money. Month after month this happens. Finally yesterday she called them and spoke with a manager and explained to him that she used to have an account, but now she uses Norply and to stop billing her. I kept thinking "Who in the hell is Norply? What a name!" So she went on and on, and finally I told her "Ma'am, you don't use Norply for this, you use ABC Company." She gave me a loud exasperated sigh and told me "Uh, yes, I know. The emailed statements that I receive monthly come from Norply at ABC Company!" It took me a while, but I realized... noreply@abccompany. NO REPLY. I kindly explained to her that the company was named ABC Company and the address was probably from an unattended mailbox. Then I ran around my office and told everyone.

I can't make this stuff up, I'm not that good. I swear.


Anonymous said...

That's kind of like a little girl in my cousin's pre-school class. Her name was pronouned Fuh-mahl-ee Johnson. I always thought it was a strange name until I learned that the mom saw the word Female, and thought it was pretty. Oh my. in rhymes with Tamale.


MontanaMike said...

Yes, folks, there truly are people like that out there. . . makes your brain hurt, doesn't it?

Mel said...

dont even get me started on the stupid things ppl say and do. i have one client who will CALL me to tell me she's going to send me an email. WTF? just send the email. when i get it, then i'll know that you've sent one to me. sheesh. like i dont have enough to do, but now i have to answer long winded phone calls detailing the email you're going to send me. grrrreat!
people are fun.

Mike Cruthirds said...


all about the quality, not the quantity huh?