Monday, March 13, 2006

Need a Laugh? Try Me!

I always joke around and say that I'm that awkward person that all weird things happen to. Not always bad, but just weird. Humorous usually. It's like I never really got past that clumsy stage in life.

I'm getting married in roughly a month and a half. I think that for the most part, I'm pretty prepared. Sort of. There are tons of little bitty details that I still need to iron out and that just takes the time and energy which I seem to be lacking lately. I sent out the invitations a few weeks ago, and one of the little details that I so proudly had taken care of were the hotel arrangements for our out of town guests. Since I worked in the hotel industry for 6 years or so, this was the one thing that I sort of knew what to do about. I slipped an insert into each of the invitations with the details of the hotel block and rate info. I made one slight oversight. When I typed the toll free numbers for each of the hotels, I accidentally put 800 instead of 866 for one of the hotels. Normally, you would just think "Hey, it's a simple mistype! Not a big deal! It's okay!" But you know what? It WOULD be okay, but only if the 800 number that I sent to all of my friends and family wasn't a porn line.

That's right folks, this lucky girl sent all of her friends and family information so that they would call a number and have a breathy girl talk about "young horny sluts" while sounding like she's having an orgasm. This could ONLY happen to me. Only to me, would all of my Dad's cousins (whom I have only met a handful of times) call to make hotel reservations and end up calling a sex line.

See what I mean?


Eric was kind enough (?) to transcribe the message for me:

"Want to get with the sluttiest girls your nasty imagination can dream up? Errrrr. We can be what ever you want us to be baby, after all it is your fantasy and we live to make it real. Whether you want to take us spread eagle on the bed or while we're on our hands and knees, me and my ultra hot girlfriends will do what ever it takes to pleasure you After entering your credit card you'll be able to chose from the following options...

Nice.... very nice, Katie...


Mel said...

hahaha. that's awesome. you know what? my ex did the same thing....only it was posted on the Dell website! hahahaha. it was like "to register your product, call this number" and it was a porn line. hahaha... but, he'd copied/pasted the number from his superior, so he didnt get in trouble.
way to get your wedding started off on the right note.

Airelee said...

You gotta be sh!tting me! How did you find my porn line?!?! Is this a joke?